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Who is the best publisher for romance?

Dear aspiring romance authors,

We understand the passion that goes into writing a romance novel, and we know how much effort it takes to bring your story to life. At Yellow Rose, we believe that every story deserves to be told, and we are dedicated to helping you share your work with the world.

We take pride in publishing romance novels that touch readers’ hearts, capture their imaginations, and leave them with a sense of joy and fulfillment. Our team of experienced editors is committed to working with you to bring out the best in your writing, ensuring that your book is polished, professional, and ready to be loved by readers.

We recognize that every author has their unique style, voice, and perspective, and we celebrate and encourage diversity and inclusivity in our publishing. Whether your story is a historical romance, a contemporary romance, or a paranormal romance, we welcome most genres and sub-genres, as long as they center around a beautiful love story.

As an author-centric publisher, we believe that publishing a book should be a collaborative process, where authors feel empowered to express their creativity and vision. That’s why we offer marketing and promotional support to our authors, helping them reach a wider audience and build a loyal following.

We are proud of the exceptional range of romantic fiction we offer, and we are excited to welcome new authors into our publishing family. If you’re interested in publishing your romance novel with us, we invite you to submit your manuscript and become a part of the Yellow Rose community.

What type of romance genres do you publish?

Yellow Rose is a renowned publisher of romantic fiction, with an exceptional range of novels that span across multiple genres. As a romance publisher, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of romantic works that cater to readers of all preferences.

Our passion for romantic fiction is evident in the range of genres we publish. Our extensive catalog includes Contemporary Romance, which focuses on modern-day love stories that are both sweet and steamy. Our Paranormal Romance novels transport readers to worlds where magic and romance collide, featuring supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and witches.

We also publish Fantasy Romance novels, which incorporate fantastical elements such as magic, mythical creatures, and alternate worlds to tell captivating love stories. Our Young Adult Romance novels are specially crafted for young readers, featuring coming-of-age love stories that are both poignant and engaging.

For readers seeking more steamy and explicit content, our Erotic Romance novels with romantic elements explore the sensual and intimate aspects of love and romance.

We also publish Historical Romance novels, which transport readers to different eras and historical periods, featuring richly detailed settings and characters.

Lastly, our Romantic Mystery novels weave suspense and intrigue into love stories, offering readers a unique and thrilling experience.

At Yellow Rose, we believe in the power of love stories to inspire and uplift, and we are dedicated to providing readers with the very best in romantic fiction.

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