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Yellow Rose is a paranormal romance publisher that is dedicated to providing a platform for authors of all backgrounds to share their stories of love, adventure, and the supernatural. Our goal is to help aspiring and established authors alike to achieve their dreams of sharing their work with the world.

As a paranormal romance publisher, we understand the unique challenges that come with writing in this genre. It can be difficult to balance the elements of romance, fantasy, and suspense while still creating compelling characters and believable worlds. That’s why we work closely with our authors to provide guidance and support throughout the publishing process.

We believe that every author has a unique voice and perspective, and we strive to showcase a diverse range of voices and stories in our publications. Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out, we welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds and experiences.

At Yellow Rose, we believe that paranormal romance has the power to transport readers to new worlds, ignite their imaginations, and inspire them to believe in the impossible. We are passionate about the stories we publish and the authors we work with, and we are committed to helping them succeed.

So, if you’re an author of paranormal romance looking for a publisher who shares your passion for the genre, we invite you to submit your work to Yellow Rose. We would be honored to be a part of your publishing journey and to help bring your stories to life.

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What types of paranormal romance does Yellow Rose publish?

Yellow Rose publishes a wide range of paranormal romance, including urban fantasy, supernatural romance, science fiction romance, and more. We are open to a variety of sub-genres, as long as they incorporate elements of both romance and the paranormal.

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