Summer Love in Music City Joan Wahl
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Summer Love in Music City

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On the surface, Summer Reynolds and Brody Martin are worlds apart. She is a small-town librarian, and he is a famous country music superstar. But when their eyes meet backstage after a concert, their worlds collide in a moment of perfect serendipity.

Summer had expected to feel star struck, but not love struck. And Brody was surprised to have found the missing piece of his heart in the last place he would have expected. Until the moment they met, neither one of them had believed in love at first sight.

The obstacles they have to overcome on the way to their happily ever after threatened to tear them apart, until Brody was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so his Summer love could become his lifetime love.

Other characters in Summer Love in Music City deserve to have their stories told, and I hope to bring them to life.

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